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  • And what happens if Congress raises taxes in the future? Imagine if that had no impact on your retirement because you’ve already taken the steps for tax freedom. 
  • The stock market has been on a tear. A crash is inevitable. Are you protected?
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The Retirement Playbook ($19.97 value)

People of your father's generation worked for one, maybe two, companies their entire life. When they retired, they received a pension and Social Security. In other words, they had guaranteed income for life. Storms like inflation, stock market volatility, and taxes rarely affected them. But this is not your father's retirement.  

Chances are you don't have a pension. You have a 401(k), and IRA, a 403(b)... an alphabet soup that puts the risk of investing on you. And not only must you weather the volatility of stock and bond markets, you must also protect yourself against the taxes that await your nest egg, the soaring cost of custodial health care, and the uncertainty of Social Security.  

In this book, Marcus Warren, the host of the Race to Retire Radio Show, offers insightful strategies to help develop your Retirement Playbook and protect your retirement from the forces that await.

The Tax Playbook ($19.97 value)

The United States is over $27 Trillion in debt. Every day, 10,000 Americans turn 65 and start collecting Social Security & Medicare. A former U.S. Comptroller General describes our entitlement system as "fiscal cancer."

In 1935, 42 people paid into Social Security for every person who received a check. Now, there are less than three people paying into the system. Although Congress recently lowered federal income taxes, the trend suggests strongly that rates could return to levels we haven't seen since the 1970's. If you have money in a 401(k), 403(b), or IRA, you could stand to lose far more than you think to federal and state income taxes.

In this book, Financial Advisor and Tax Enrolled Agent, Marcus Warren, details not only the threats you face, but strategies that can free your retirement savings and Social Security benefits from the grip of the IRS.

If you're a retiree or nearing retirement, this is a must read! With our current low tax rate environment, there has not been a better time to take action and safeguard your savings from higher taxes.

Defusing the Ticking Tax Time Bomb Report ($14.97 value)

The biggest threat to your retirement may not be a volatile stock market ... or inflation .... or the cost of health care. It could be something far worse. 

Chances are you have a significant amount of your money in a 401(k) or IRA account. Gone for most are the days of having a pension plan that pays you a lifetime, guaranteed monthly income. Today, you probably don't have a pension, just Social Security and a 401(k). The Social Security system is stressed to the max. To make matters worse, it's very likely you will have to pay taxes on your Social Security benefits. Add that to the tax you will pay on your 401(k) and IRA accounts, and the truth is you may not have nearly the after tax income you thought you would have when you retire.

Taxes will play a large role in your retirement. Have you taken steps to defuse the tax time bomb that is awaiting your savings?

The Great Risk Shift Report ($14.97 value)

The old paradigm of retirement relied on THREE PARTS (think of a 3-legged stool)… Social Security, the (now nearly extinct) pension plans and personal savings. What once used to be an American economy consisting of employers helping pay for their employees retirements has now shifted to the employee. And we found out we aren't very good at saving.  

On average, pre-retirees have just over $100,000 saved in an IRA. Retired workers average a monthly Social Security benefit of $1,503 as of January 2020 – roughly the equivalent of a minimum-wage job. Add the rising debt levels among older Americans and you have a situation that’s a far cry from most people’s retirement dream of travel and leisure.

What does this great risk shift mean for you? Can you take on the role of a financial advisor and ensure that you will have income to last throughout your retirement?  

Why You Aren't Warren Buffett Report ($14.97 value)

Wall Street is a Casino. Wall Street and Vegas both profit from volatility, liquidity, distractions, and volume. But for many savers in America, investing in the stock market has become necessary in order to get the rate of return that will keep up with inflation.

The problem is, your average American saver isn’t a savvy investor like Warren Buffett. In reality, they’re teachers, plumbers, business owners, and hard workers with families.  They don’t research a corporation’s published balance sheets and profit/loss statements to evaluate the profit potential. They make decisions based on emotions, based on the news, and based on what’s “trending”.

Dalbar studies consistently show that the average investor does not outperform the market. In 2019, the Average Equity Fund Investor underperformed the S&P 500 by -5% (-4.38% for S&P 500 vs. -9.42% for Average Equity Fund Investor). The Average Equity Fund Investor withdrew funds every month in which the S&P 500 had a material gain.

As far as anyone knows, markets are unpredictable. So what can you do to protect your savings from uncertainty?

Taxes in Retirement Webinar ($99.97 value)

Every day 10,000 baby boomers are leaving the working world and tapping in to government entitlement plans like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Add on top of that $26 trillion in debt and our ever expanding government and you can understand why your retirement savings are at risk. If taxes go up, you will lose more and more of your IRA and 401k savings to the IRS.  

The good news is there a number of well-designed strategies exist to minimize or even eliminate the tax on your retirement benefits. Protect yourself from the tax explosion coming our way.

We'll go through a real-life case study to show you how to retire tax free!

Plus, ACT NOW to get these BONUS items: ($89.97 value)

Social Security: Your Guide to Retirement Benefits Report In 1935, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act. It was created out of necessity as the United States was coming out of the Great Depression and numerous aging Americans were struggling. Financing would come from workers and employers and be distributed to retirees. After years of paying into Social Security, it is approaching the time that the largest generation ever will start reaping their benefits.

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